South America travel tips

South America.jpg

The fourth largest continent, South America consists of 12 countries and is predominantly located in the southern hemisphere.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the continent has the fifth largest population.

Dominated by the Andes Mountain Range and the second longest river in the world (Amazon River), the region has a vast and varying geography.

The Andes Mountains in Argentina boasts the highest point in South America, while the Laguna del Carbon in Santa Cruz Province holds the spot for being the most lowest point at the southern and western hemispheres.

Meanwhile, Cape Horn in Chile claims the southernmost headland.

The continent offers amazing sights such as the Amazon, the world’s highest waterfall in Santo del Angel, which is almost 1000 meters high and the Atacama Desert located in Chile, considered to be one of the driest places on earth.

From Salsa and Mambo to towering pinnacles and ice, blue lakes, South America is a place of architectural wonders, bubbling culture and ancient ruins.

Whether you’re travelling South America on a budget or planning a trip of a lifetime, this continent is a great place to get stuck into and fall in love with.

Click on the picture above to find tips on some of the places we have been.

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