Joseph & Catherine

We have been travelling for over 13 years together. We met in university in 2004 and have been together for nearly 14 years (Joe still hasn’t been able to shake me off!) 💖 💖 💖 We recently got married and are loving life in London.

After graduating and saving up, we took our first round the world trip together. We came back in 2008 and moved to London for work. I’m a magazine editor and Joe is a visualiser at an architect firm.

Over a decade later, plus a mortgage, we have been using weekends for ‘small’ trips around Europe and our annual leave for the big stuff.

We quite like going to ‘less-touristy’ places, such as Montevideo, Minsk, Chișinău or Nadi and have just returned from a Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Dubai.

Some of our holidays have been off the back of work conferences, so we’ve been really fortunate to half our plane fares. However, with the likes of Norwegian Air now going to North and South America, flights are becoming cheaper.

Joe is the holiday planner out of us… I literally just add in a few things I want to see and then turn up with the holiday handbag of choice! Et voila! 👜 👜 👜 Travel swag done!

We’ve seen and shared some amazing memories and also had a few disappointments along the way (DMZ blue buildings closed and tear-gased in Tirana) but that’s the whole point of travelling… where the best laid plans go completely awry!

This year we are off too Scotland, Alaska, Canada and a few others. This year should see the completion of every country in the EU, which would be great. 
Next up is Spain and then… who knows!*

*All pictures on this website are our own and taken by Joe.