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A collection of scattered islands throughout most of the Pacific Ocean, Oceania includes 14 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The smallest continent, Oceania consists mostly of ocean, spanning a vast area.

Its most populous country is Australia, with Sydney counting a population of over 4.5m people. With more than 250 spoken languages, the city has the most diverse and multicultural population in Oceania.

Australia also offers Aboriginal paintings dating back more than 60,000 years, a practice still performed by indigenous people in Australia today. Meanwhile, the country boasts rainforests and deserts. There’s lots of things to see and do.

New Zealand, with its alpine regions and glaciers, offers subtropical climes in the north and temperate in the south. The country’s Māori culture is an integral part of Kiwi life and traditional arts like carving, weaving and moko still actively used throughout the country.

Meanwhile, tourists flock to Fiji and Vanuatu due to their coral reefs and unspoilt beaches.

Whether you’re travelling this continent on a budget or planning a trip of a lifetime, Oceania is a great place to get stuck into and fall in love with.

Click on the picture above to find tips on some of the places we have been.

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