• Sol Plaza Hotel


  • Inka Express transports passengers between Cusco and Puno (the Sun Route). Buses departs from Puno’s Earth Terminal at 6:40am and arrive in Cusco (Av Alameda Pachacuteq 499-B. Cusco) at 05:00pm
  • Titicaca Travel Peru operates a bus schedule running from Puno to Chivay that takes around 6hrs. Pick up is from Puno hotels and ends at Chivay Paskana hotel (Corner Square of Chivay)
  • Mototaxis are a a cheap and efficient way to travel the city

Things to see:

  • Museo Naval
  • Taquile Island
  • Yavari
  • Cathedral Basilica of St Charles Borromeo
  • Coca Museum & Customs
  • Titicaca National Reserve
  • Lake Titicaca


  • The Titicaca National Reserve (RNTC) is located in the waters of Lake Titicaca
  • The floating islands of the Uros is inhabited by descendants of the ethnic Uros people since ancient times. Tourists can find accommodation here and you can buy  local reed works. You can also take excursions on the reed boats. (S10 for a ride).
  • To visit the Isle of Uros, go to the  ferry terminal where you can find a number of operators running a number of itineraries. A round trip of Uros and Taquile should be around S20
  • For twitchers, the tourist area of Carata Mocco and Huili is where the Titicaca grebe (Rollandia microptera) can be seen