Backpacking around the world on a budget Part 1: The beginning

In February 2008, Cat and I embarked on our first real ‘couples test’ by booking a round-the-world adventure after we finished uni. Starting off in the East, we finished in the West in the fabulous city of New York… and came home still a couple!

RTW Pt01.jpg

Unlike now, there was hardly any planning involved in our ‘round-the-world’ trip. I would not advise this as a way forward as planning is a very important part to any trip.

Planning 2

Looking back, I can see some of the traits we still implement to this day, even with little weekenders.

We decided to start in Asia and finish in North America. The sole reason for this was to keep the best (for us) till last and something to look forward to. Also, we would have more experience and confidence to do more things in America.

After finalising where we wanted to visit, we then did something we have never done before or since… walk into a travel agent shop. This was necessary to take advantage of their ‘round-the- world’ (RTW) ticket pricing.

Flight Tickets

Before the 2008 financial crisis, a RTW ticket was £800. This was the price for 12 flights with no backwards flying, which was an amazing price. By backwards flying, I mean you could only fly forward geographically.

We set the bookend dates and then worked out how many days in each place. Then the transfer flights were booked.

Now it was time to save, working at Tesco’s and the Post Office. The more we saved the more we could do!

February 2008 came and we took a trip up to Cat’s home in Bedford to say goodbye to family.

The next day, a taxi took us to Heathrow for our British Airways flight to Hong Kong.

And so our adventure began!

For part 2 click here.


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