How to… report a lost passport

Losing your passport while enjoying a vacay can be unnerving and put a dark cloud over your otherwise sunny time away. Below is our guide on what to do next…


Lost passports

You must cancel a lost or stolen passport as soon as possible.

If you lose your passport while abroad, the process of replacing it or getting an emergency passport can be pretty simple.

You may need to fill out an online notification form (the UK’s form is called ‘LS01’.) Fill the form out in as much detail as you can and send it or take the completed form to your country’s nearest embassy, consulate or high commission.

If you don’t need to travel out of the country you’re in urgently, you can apply and receive a new passport from abroad. However, for some countries, there may be a few weeks wait.

TIP: Always take a copy of your passport with you when aboard, or leave one with a family member, as this makes it easier to prove your identity and get a new passport.

Stolen passports

Reporting a stolen passport to your country’s passport office will reduce the risk of anyone else using your passport or your identity.

It is possible to report a lost or stolen passport for someone else if they can’t do it themselves.

 TIP: You should also report a stolen passport to local police and ask for a written police report, which you might need to show to your embassy when applying for a new passport or to your travel insurer if you want to claim for the expense involved in changing your travel schedule.

Emergency passports

If you need to leave a country without your passport, you can apply for an emergency passport, also called an emergency travel document.

You’re eligible for an emergency passport if your’s has been stolen, damaged or lost; you do not have time to renew or replace your passport before you travel; and you can provide proof of your travel plans, eg, booking confirmations (or detailed written travel plans).

Again, you will need to visit the local embassy, high commission or consulate.

In most cases you should be able to receive an emergency passport on the same day. As soon as you get home, you’ll need to apply for a new passport.

An emergency travel document enables the holder to travel to their chosen destination through a maximum of five countries. You can also normally use it to return to the country you’re applying from if you live there.

Your travel plans (countries and dates) will be printed on your emergency travel document.

However, if you change your travel plans once you have your emergency travel document, you’ll need to apply for a new one.

TIP: It’s important to note that you may need a visa to leave the country you’re in or to travel through other countries with your emergency travel document. As such, it’s best to check with the embassy or consulate of each country.


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