Asia travel tips

Discover Asia

The most populous and largest continent, Asia shares borders with Africa and Europe to its West and North America to its East.
With the longest coastline of any continent, Asia boasts varied vegetation and wildlife.

The tallest peak in the world – Mount Everest – and the third longest river  after the Nile and Amazon – are all located in the region.
Consisting of 48 countries and 850 different native languages, the continent includes Asian Russia and islands, such as Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Made up of three-fifths of the world’s people, the region has so much culture to offer and historical treasures to find.

From the Ming dynasty ruling China, to epic battles and folklore and from Theravādin monks to spiritual healing, Asia is a magical place.

Home of two of the world’s seven wonders (Great Wall of China in Beijing and the Taj Mahal in Agra), Asia is a contrast of frenzied mega-metropolises and quiet, idyllic islands. Not to be missed.

Whether you’re travelling this continent on a budget or planning a trip of a lifetime, Asia is a great place to get stuck into and fall in love with.

Click on the picture above to find tips on some of the places we have been.

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