Tips for hot and cold weather

We decided to spend Cat’s 30th birthday at Mardi Gras in New Orleans and incorporated this into a wider US holiday, starting from sunny Miami and New Orleans and then moving to cold and snowy Nashville, and then to an even colder and snowier Boston (-5 colder)!

Mardi Gras

When we go on short or long-haul flights we always travel with hand luggage, which is normally a medium sized suitcase (56cm height) and a medium rucksack, meaning we can get out of the airport quicker as we don’t have to collect our bags from the carousel.


As we therefore don’t have that much packing space, we have dwindled down the amount of clothes we need to take for a two-week break. This can be challenging when you visit different places with varying climates. Below is our list of clothes we take that can fit into hand luggage space, while taking into account different weather conditions.

  • 2 in 1 jacket – take a fleece that is attached to an outdoor, waterproof coat. This is perfect to take apart when you’re too hot, so you have just the thin jacket or for colder times when you need the fleece.
  • Cut off trousers – this is perfect for when you get too hot. It’s so easy to just unzip the trousers to have shorts. These trousers are also great if you need to cover up quickly too, for example visiting churches or mosques.
  • Mobile sensitive gloves – great for taking pictures and not having to expose your fingers in cold weather.
  • Thin long-armed jumper to put underneath t-shirts.
  • Two pairs of shoes – thin, tennis shoe-like trainers for hotter weather and more substantial, weather-proof trainers/boots when in colder climes. Having two pairs of shoes is needed if you get one pair wet.
  • Thin thermals – one top and trouser set.
  • Don’t forget to take lip balm that contains UV protection for the sun. It’s also great to stop your lips from cracking in super cold weather.

Checking out J & C

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